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Digital Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Virtual Event

16 June 2023

14:00 UTC

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DSIS Highlights

About the event

The last few years have made it clear that digital supply chain innovation is crucial for companies looking to be
resilient in the face of global challenges. The modern supply chain must evolve to meet global demands and remain competitive. R
ecognizing the best practices and methodologies is imperative for better decision-making and dealing with uncertainties.

The Digital Supply Chain Innovation Summit brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry to share their insights on the latest advancements in digital technologies and how they are transforming supply chain management. Attendees can look forward to hearing from thought leaders, and participating in engaging discussions. Join us to gain a competitive edge in the digital supply chain landscape.

Registrations are free. Secure your spot


Key Topics

Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain:
A high-level overview of how digital technologies are transforming the supply chain, from end-to-end visibility to automation and predictive analytics.


The impact of IoT on the Supply Chain:
How the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networks are improving supply chain visibility and control. From real-time asset tracking to predictive maintenance. 


Next-Generation Logistics:
Emerging trends and innovative technologies in logistics and transportation, from autonomous vehicles to drones and beyond.


The role of AI and Machine Learning:
Deep dive into how AI and ML are being used to optimize supply chain operations, from demand forecasting to warehouse automation.


Build Resilience and Agility:
Strategies for building a more resilient supply chain that can withstand disruption, cyber attacks, and changing customer needs.


Path to Sustainable Supply Chains:
Applying circular economy principles and best practices on sustainable sourcing & responsible manufacturing.

DSIS Attendees

Who should attend?

A must-attend event tailored for CxOs, Directors, VPs, & Heads from-


  • Retail & E-commerce

  • Food & Beverage

  • Automotive

  • Oil & Gas

  • Chemical

  • Banking & Finance

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Teleco

  • Pharmaceutical



  • Supply Chain

  • Digital Transformation

  • Intelligent Automation

  • Shipping/Logistics

  • Warehousing/Inventory Management

  • Distribution

  • Fulfillment

  • Sourcing/Purchasing

  • Data & Analytics

  • IT & Applications

  • Supply Chain Sustainability

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Q- What is the cost of attending the event?
The event is 100% free to attend. To Register, click here. 

Q- Where will the event be held?
This is a virtual event. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate from your convenient location with a computer, mobile, or tablet device.
Q- How to join the virtual event?

Upon receiving your registration, we will send the necessary login details to your registered email address. You can use it to access the LIVE virtual event.  

Q- What if you miss the LIVE Sessions?
For the best networking experience, we suggest all our registered attendees to join the LIVE event. If you can't join us live, do not worry, we will provide access to the recorded sessions to all our registered attendees.  

Q- What event partnership opportunities are available?
To know more about the sponsorship opportunities, click here.

For any more queries regarding the event, please reach out to


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