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Phillippe Boremans

Crisis & Risk Communication Consultant

 What Corporate Communicators can learn from Emergency Risk Communicators.

  • The difference between Corporate Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications.

  • Experiences from the field - Epidemic/Pandemic Risk Communication in practice.

  • The synergies between Corporate Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications.

  • During & Post COVID19 Risk Communication - What's next?


Dr. Sylvie Bleker - van Eyk

Senior Director, PwC Cyber, Forensic & Privacy 
Professor, VU University


  • Examples of crises (COVID-19, investigations by authorities

  • Crises you could have prevented (preventive fraud measures)

  • Leadership in crisis

  • How best to act

  • Communication 

  • Never waste a good crisis

  • The aftermath of a crisis: emerge stronger 

COVID19 Impact - Crisis Management


Diego Iribarren


Long - Term Perspectives and
Emerging risks profile

  • We are not out of the woods of this crisis yet, a lot remains to be known yet

  • Opportunities for conversations for important change will emerge. It does not guarantee change, however

  • Real estate will restructure itself regardless. The office market will lose its historical attractiveness 

  • AI and the IoT will receive an important boost

  • In the short term, the extent of the economic damage will depend on how well governments are able to manage the health crisis, particularly coming out from the lockdown. 


Dr. Absihek Saurav

Economist - Private Sector Development and Investment, The World Bank Group

The Impact of COVID-19 on Foreign Investor Confidence

  • Investor Confidence

  • Cascading effects of demand-cum-supply shocks operating on international businesses

  • Estimates of adverse effects – supply chains, output, employment, business performance.

  • Areas of government support

  • Conclusions.


Zsofia Agnes Nagy

Supply Chain & Operations Expert,
Ex- Novo Nordisk

Prioritising or Sequencing of Strategic v/s Operational Activities During the Crisis in Supply Chain

  • Short overview of our company setup to enable understanding of the context

  • 3 key pillars we distinguish (strategic, standard operational & crisis operational or BCP activities)

  • Prioritising or sequencing or both? Why and how? - The decision making process

  • Resources and unique solutions

  • Lessons to learn from the hiccups surfacing and how to funnel them into the key focus areas for improvement


Chris Hardesty

Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Repurposing Public- Private Partnerships

  •  Public-private partnerships for healthcare – the legacy trends

  •  what’s needed most now for the pandemic 

  • What the future of such collaborations is going to look like

Mirko Senatore.jpg

Mirko Senatore

Global Supply Chain Lead - European Distributor Markets, Pfizer

Managing the crisis: thoughts from a Pharma Supply Chain practitioner

  • Supply Chain Challenges in Pharma confronting the pandemic

  • The problem of stockpiling

  • Leadership at the time of COVID19

  • Learning from the crisis and future-proofing

Pankaj's Picture.jpg

Pankaj Krishna

Founder & CEO – Chrome Data Analytics & Media

  • Cascading effects of COVID19

  • Uncertainties of the pandemic

  • Long term impacts


Bhavik Doshi

Senior Product Development Specialist - Market Intelligence (Healthcare)
The Economist Intelligence Unit 

Impact of COVID 19 on chronic therapy management & healthcare value chain

  • Introduction to Digital Therapeutics

  • Current market landscape of Digital Therapeutics

  • FDA's guidance on Software as a Medical Device

  • How digital therapeutics will improve overall clinical outcomes by disrupting the value chain?

  • Improving compliance and adherence with digital therapeutics

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