Conversational AI 

& Experience Summit
(Virtual Event)

12th March 2021

About the event

COVID-19 has pushed economies globally to undergo accelerated digital transformation. Conversational AI is a set of technologies that is sweeping across industries, and every brand is looking to add AI-based solutions to automate their routine operations. By understanding the essence of human languages, speech, communication, emotions, and real intent, Conversational AI can help achieve human-like interactions between computers and humans. 

By 2022, Gartner expects that 20% of all customer interactions will happen through a virtual agent or chatbot! With the BFS industry leading the race, the future is going to see the deployment of Conversational AI in various other sectors such as Automotive, Media & Communication, Retail, Marketing & Advertising, E-learning, etc.

The virtual summit brings together key decision-makers from across industries to explore the latest research, tools, and services involved in the global conversational AI ecosystem. Join the event for free!

Key Highlights

  • Enhancing Customer experience using Conversational AI

  • Conversational Banking 

  • Omnichannel Experience

  • Designing Conversational Interfaces

  • Connecting with customers using Voice Assistants

  • Consumer Experiences - Retail &

  • Current view of AI/NLP technology and a peek into the future

  • Applications in Chatbot Marketing, Media and Communication



12+ Interactive


Who should attend

CxOs, Directors, & Heads who operate and are interested in building better and smarter Conversational AI applications


  • Banks & Financial Services

  • Automotive

  • Media & Communication 

  • Marketing & Advertisement

  • Healthcare

  • Retail and E-commerce

​ Functions 

  • IT & CX Decision Makers

  • Conversational AI technology providers

  • AI/Innovation leads

  • Startups & Investors - Voice, Speech, NLP, AI

  • Enterprise Bot Teams - NLP, CUI/VUI

  • Business - Marketing, Sales, Service


Angelina Y

VP, Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence

Wells Fargo

Jennifer Borchardt

Vice President, Omnichannel Experience & Strategy | Wealth Management

US Bank

Product Owner,
Autonomous Digital Assistant

Ford Motors

Peer Geiger

Sales Director


Dr. Ronald Ashri


Guilherme Barreto

Head of Business Development


Şebnem Elif Kocaoğlu Ulbrich

FinTech Consultant, Coach & Author

Contextual Solutions

Dr. Marc Tomlinson

CTO & Co-Founder
Neener Analytics

Robert Skaljin

Senior IT Manager - OMNI Channel Strategy & Conversational AI

TD Bank

Dave Bukovinsky 

Executive Director of Product Management


Sasha Caskey

CTO & Co-Founder

Anshumali Baruah

User Experience Designer

Deutsche Telekom

Kanishk Mehta

Senior Client Solutions Partner


Host and Moderator

Jeff LoCastro


Neener Analytics

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Registrations are FREE! Join us live and network with a global audience of key decision-makers at all our virtual events free of cost. Interested in Sponsorships? Click here. 

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What if you miss the LIVE Sessions?
For the best networking experience, we suggest all our registered attendees to join the LIVE event. In case you can't join us live, do not worry, we will provide the recorded sessions to all our registered attendees!  

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