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to Connect, Learn, and Grow.

About Us

We create events to bring together thought leaders and curious minds on inspiring, immersive, and engaging platforms.

From world leaders to emerging challengers, we invite you to join our event experiences designed with the mission to help you and your business make intelligent decisions today and take on the challenges of tomorrow. Know more.

Business Networking
Business Conference

Conversational AI and Experience Summit - (3rd Annual)

11-12 Sept 2023  |  Munich

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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To Connect

Connect with people who share your interests and goals. Network with potential clients, partners, investors, academics, governments, and media to build long-term collaborations.

To Learn

Learn from industry experts and pioneers. Discover the latest trends, actionable insights, and strategic solutions from inspiring keynotes, case studies, and workshops.

To Grow

Stay ahead of the curve in your industry. Discover opportunities with our events to drive a competitive edge for your organization and take your projects to the next level.

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Be a partner

Take the stage to showcase thought leadership and connect with your audience prospects with introductions to key decision-makers. Get high-quality brand exposure and achieve your event marketing goals. 

Whether it’s finding high-quality leads, building brand reputation, exhibiting products, or networking with peers, we have something special for every scale and budget. 

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